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Here at K&S Auto Services in Willand, Cullompton, we have a range of servicing options to suit the needs of your Audi Allroad. We have over 27 years’ experience servicing cars and vans, so your Allroad is in safe hands.

We will make an honest assessment of the specific needs of your Allroad and suggest an appropriate service accordingly. Read more below about our Audi Allroad servicing options and how we can service your Allroad even if it is still under Audi manufacturer warranty.

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Oil & Filter


Our smallest service, for if you do low mileage in your Audi Allroad. We will change the oil in your Allroad as well as the oil filter to ensure it remains working at its best and does not cause bigger problems down the line. We will recommend an oil and filter service for your Allroad if based on our assessment of your vehicle, we think further servicing is unecessary.

Intermediate or Full Service


Based on the mileage of your Audi Allroad, or Audi's recommendations, we may advise on an intermediate or full level service. Depending on your preference, and the specific needs of your Allroad, we can carry out either of these service levels according to our own assessment of your Allroad or we can conduct the exact same service that Audi themselves would do if you went to a main-dealer.

If you opt for a manufacturer specification service, this will mean that your Allroad will be serviced to the exact same standard as a Audi main-dealer, without infringing on any warranty you have and at better value. Why spend more money than you need to, when we can service your Allroad using the same service levels and the same parts? Bring your Allroad to K&S Auto Services for a knowledgeable, friendly service at better value than a Audi dealer.

Independent and Friendly Audi Servicing without affecting your Warranty

We can service your Audi to the same specification that Audi main-dealers would, so using K&S Auto Services to service your Audi will not affect your Audi warranty. We can update your Audi service log – paper or digital – accordingly after your service.

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